Photo: MOPS Brazil 2019

I was new to the Denver area with a three-year-old and a newborn. My family lived an hour away, but honestly, some days it felt like the moon as I was learning to navigate being a mom to two little babies.  I didn’t have any friends in the area, yet and oftentimes I felt isolated and lonely.

One morning as I was picking up my oldest son from preschool, I received an invitation to MOPS.  Actually, I think the lady felt sorry for me because my preschooler was having a meltdown, my baby was crying, and I had throw up on the shoulder of my sweatshirt – not a good look. This woman turned to me and said, “Hey, you should come to my MOPS group.” I had no idea what that meant, but given my current situation, it sounded fantastic!

I showed up. MOPS quickly became my place, my people, my connection to the real world, my spiritual growth path, and mothering sanctuary. During my MOPS years, I had another baby and then adopted a precious baby from China. Our family of six became complete and my MOPS friends were there for all of it. My dearest friends are my MOPS friends still to this day, 25 years later. We have been through lots of babies and the loss of precious babies, teenager years, sickness and aging parents. Our MOPS days brought us together and we are thankful for the life we have shared.

Over the years, I’ve served in various MOPS leadership roles: discussion group leader, community outreach coordinator, coordinator, and changed career paths as I entered ministry full time as our church’s Women’s Ministry Director. When I said, “yes” to coming to MOPS, I had no idea that I was saying “yes” to growing my faith in Jesus, to full-time ministry work, and to a group of friends that I would have for life.

Now, I have the awesome privilege of sharing MOPS with a new generation around the globe as I serve as the VP of Global Ministries and Leadership Experience. MOPS is still relevant for moms today because all moms need Jesus and all moms need each other.


Sherri Crandall is the Vice President of Global Ministries and Leadership Experience for MOPS International. She is also a blogger and speaker for women’s events across the country and internationally where she shares her passion for encouraging women to live life to the fullest. Sherri has been married to her husband, Rusty, for 33 years and they have four young adult children and two dogs. She makes her home in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.