Seven Organization Tips Every Mom Should Know

Ivy C. Hall

I found as a new mother, my days were fueled by tender hugs, precious moments, and let’s be honest, lots of coffee. In the midst of busy little ones, I was responsible for keeping our family organized while being prepared for anything that might come my way. This required systems and products that supported me in my new role.

Thus was the seed for Initials, Inc. We design products by focusing on solutions. You can expect beautiful items (with free personalization) that are diligent partners for your busiest of days.

Here are seven of my top tips and products that can support you in making motherhood look both organized and oh-so-stylish.

1. Create Visual Order

A room’s look effects how you feel. Use large bins and containers to corral toys and create visual order. At the end of each day, engage your kids in a 5-minute pickup game and see how quickly you can get everything put away. Initials, Inc. offers Bins, Binettes, Squared Away containers for shelving units and large Trunks that can hold items of all sizes. Free personalization on all our products means everything can be clearly marked for a quick spruce.

2. Save Steps

The post-grocery-store-dilemma – how do I get myself, my children and the groceries in the house without making fifty trips to the car? Our solution is the One Trip Wonder, a spacious bag perfect for transporting groceries or other purchases in one trip. You will be amazed at what you can fit in this bag, which means fewer steps for you!

3. Create a Hub for the Tub

Sometimes your only quiet moment during the day is when you are taking a shower. You don’t want to do it with 14 toys still in the bottom of the tub. I recommend the Splash Caddy to round up loose toys at the end of your children’s bath. It is a soft caddy with a mesh bottom for draining. Plus, it pulls double duty in the summer with trips to the pool.

4. Reclaim your Car

As much as we are all on the go, the car has become an extension of home. One of my favorite products for the car is the Take-Along Caddy. This small bin fits beautifully in the back seat and gives your child a hub for toys, games and snacks. As my children got older, they became responsible for putting items in their caddy, taking it to the car, and then bringing it in and it when we returned home.

5. Don’t pack the Kitchen Sink

The best advice I was ever given was “buy two.” If there is something you need at home and on the go, buy two. Doing so allows you to know where things are at all times and eliminates the need to repack your bag every time you leave the house. This makes the Stash and Dash one of my favorite products. It is ready for anything. With pockets located on the outside of the bag, what you need is quickly at an arm’s length. In addition, the roomy interior offers a d-ring to hang your keys so you never have to dig for them down in your bag (yes, ladies, it’s the little things!).

6. Create Independence

When my children started to get a little older, it was a great opportunity to teach them how to take care of their items. The Junior Backpack is small in size but perfect for trips to the library or out to lunch. They love the independence, and you will love lightening your load!

7. Organization with Heart

As a mother, family is at your heart. It is at mine as well. With over 100,000 children currently living in the U.S. foster care system, Initials, Inc. wanted to make an impact, so we introduced the YBL, Your Best Life case. This case fits neatly in your handbag to help collect loose items. Best of all, $5 from each sale goes to finding forever families for children living in foster care through Bethany Christian Services. Last year, we were able to exceed our goal of fully funding 10 adoptions.

Mom, you have the best job in the world. Creating organization for your home will free you to focus on what is most important … your little ones.

We look forward to sharing more of what we do with you at MOMcon. See you in October!

Ivy C. Hall is Chief Creative Officer and Founder of Initials, Inc., a national direct sales company offering handbags and home organization items for women.

What is your best organizing tip for the early mom years?