FREE Curriculum for Your MOPS Kids Program


We had a great time meeting so many moms at MOMcon in Kansas City!  We wanted to remind you to take advantage of the FREE MOPS Kids curriculum offered in your Group Experience Kit.  “Thrive by Five,” written by Sing n’ Sprout, provides two hours of developmentally appropriate programming for each of the 16 MOPS meetings. It is written with the drop-in volunteer in mind; easy to teach with minimal preparation.

Children under the age of five need love, routine, boundaries, and activities to engage their rapidly developing brains. “Thrive by Five” provides structure and an age appropriate schedule and captures their attention with music, movement, pretend play and art. The goal is to keep the kids happy, because when the kids are happy, the moms are happy.

When children use “Thrive by Five,” they’ll start each session with some free play, then gather together with a song for circle time. They’ll sing simple songs to celebrate birthdays and to learn each other’s names, the days of the week and the months of the year. Each month, they’ll focus on a different shape and color and have the opportunity to do seasonal crafts. During the Sing n’ Sprout music and movement time, they’ll hear an age-appropriate Bible story and explore gross motor objectives while listening to original music.

Who a child becomes depends upon a complex interplay between nature and nurture.  Research shows that nature is responsible for creating a complex system of brain circuitry, but how that circuitry is “wired” depends on external forces such as nutrition, environment and stimulation.

Music and movement play an important role in building neural connections in children’s brains.  Consistent, repetitive and multisensory learning experiences strengthen brain network connections.

“The brain structure and its capacities depend largely on the quality, quantity, consistency, and timing of stimulation which will determine to, a large extent, the number of brain synapses that form and how those connections function. This is true for all areas of development (cognitive, physical, social, emotional and linguistic), and the effect is lifelong.” Pam Schiller

In each Group Experience Kit your MOPS group received a Sing n’ Sprout CD with original music.  Make sure to take advantage of the additional FREE curriculum including PDFs for infants, toddlers and preschoolers by contacting MOPS Kids Coordinators can also join the MOPS Kids Love Sing n’ Sprout Facebook group, which has already grown to 500 members. Come ask questions and receive support from both Sing n’ Sprout staff and MOPS Kids Coordinators.