A Moving Child Is a Learning Child

A child’s body is where learning begins – a portable classroom so to speak. In the first years of childhood, every roll, crawl, kick, jump and climb not only strengthens their physical development but helps develop over 90% of the neural pathways that will be set in the brain for life.

The brain has a master plan and movement is one of its top priorities. A moving body stimulates the brain. The more the brain is stimulated, the more the body is coaxed to move resulting in new curiosities and explorations. Eventually, this rhythm is fully automated and a child soon learns to do more than just one task at a time, freeing the mind up to think.

There is a problem today: children live far more sedentary lives compared with past generations. Yes, car seats, strollers, high chairs and slings keep children safe, but they also keep their movements constricted and contained. As parents work to create safe environments, they need to also create spaces where children are given the right to move.

Providing a safe environment to explore fosters a child’s curiosity and ability to take risks. Risk- takers are courage-makers. Taking risks teaches children perseverance, independent decision- making and problem-solving skills to help them reach their goals.

Sing n’ Sprout capitalizes on a child’s natural desire to move-to-learn and provides safe environments and activities to do so. Every activity not only moves their body and brain but also their spirit as they grow with God through music and movement. Next time you are on your way to MOPS, listen to the Sing n’ Sprout song we created just for MOPS Kids! This is an interactive song that will help your child learn as they clap, hop, skip and jump their way to MOPS Kids! Email to receive your free song download and check us out at for more information.