Music Makes Memorizing Easy


A few years ago, Marissa brought Norah and her sister to a Sing n’ Sprout “Family n’ Me” class to move and groove, shimmy and shake to music. For 45 minutes, they moved their bodies and played instruments to the beat of every song. During this time, seeds of scripture were embedded in their hearts.

“It totally shows the power of setting scripture to music! This was a scripture to song connection that was out of the blue and we hadn’t listened to that specific song for a while. God is so good!”

Sing n’ Sprout “Family n’ Me” classes are designed for caregivers and their children, birth through five years old. Each session focuses on a different theme for eight weeks and each family receives a CD of the music used in class. They’re encouraged to play the music outside of class because knowing the songs makes class time more familiar and fun.

By God’s design, memorizing scripture is easy when it’s set to music. Even little ones can learn it. As a result, his words are passed down through the generations, breaking chains and singing praises for all to hear.

Sing n’ Sprout’s Jonah curriculum includes a song called “I’m a sheep.” This song uses names of animals to teach the first few verses of Psalm 23. Exercise and development of gross motor movement is encouraged in class by moving around as kiddos “baa” like sheep, “moo” like cows, “oink” like pigs, “roar” like lions and “bark” like dogs.

Sing n’ Sprout would love for you and your Lil’ Sprout to move, groove and memorize part of Psalm 23 too. For a FREE download of the song, contact Jenni at:

A special note: We are looking forward to our newest MOPS Kids curriculum appearing in the Group Experience Kit! Our “Thrive by Five” MOPS Kids curriculum contains two-hours of programming for the “drop-in volunteer.” Infants, toddlers and preschool-age children will love our brain-boosting activities designed for their mind, body and spirit!

In the meantime, consider becoming a Sing n’ Sprout teacher. It’s fun and easy! No parties, no downlines, no music degree required. You also don’t need to sell the farm to get started. Sign up today and receive 15% off the curriculum price. Email more information.