Do you love singing, moving and grooving with kids? Sing n’ Sprout is a Christian children’s music and movement program for babies up to 5-year-olds. Teaching Sing n’ Sprout is fun and provides a workout! Sing n’ Sprout combines traditional songs with original music that kids love and provides research based curriculum specifically designed to target the growth of young children in body, mind and spirit. Sing n’ Sprout equips its teachers to meet each child with developmentally appropriate activities. Classes can be taught either Family n’ Me style, where children and caregivers experience the class together, or Teacher n’ Me style, which is appropriate for preschool, church nursery or child care settings.

Teaching Sing n’ Sprout brings additional income to your family. You decide how many classes you teach and when you teach them based on what works for your family. Sing n’ Sprout is more than a job. It is a ministry to the families in your community; a chance for people to come together, connect and support one another. The vision of Sing n’ Sprout is to foster connectedness with God and others living a life of purpose and intention. When Sing n’ Sprout teachers share God’s love with others, it comes back to them tenfold.

Sing n’ Sprout teacher, Teresa Crowe, from Greensboro, NC shares, “I’ve been teaching Sing n’ Sprout for four years, and I love it. I love having the added purpose to my days. I’ve been able to find a balance that works for me and my family. All of my Lil’ Sprouts amaze me with what they can do and how they grow from week to week. The Lord has brought together such an amazing community of moms in my classes who lift each other up.”

Do you feel called to add something to your life this new year? Get started by purchasing curriculum and instruments from Sing n’ Sprout. We’d love to talk to you! Learn more at or email Jenni Auvenshine, the creator of Sing n’ Sprout, at