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Music Matters: Four Easy Ways to Expose Your Child to Music

God created music because he cares for your child. Just 18 days after conception, God sets in motion the thumping cadence of a baby’s heart to stimulate the brain, strengthen the body and nourish his intelligence and creative potential.

Continue the work God began in utero by exposing your child to the benefits of music as she develops. The benefits are scientifically proven and it is easy to do, even in the midst of a busy life. Here are some fun and scientific music-making activities, which will aid in your child’s development and strengthen the bond between you and your child:

Singing.  It doesn’t matter if you think you have a terrible singing voice, God gave you a voice – so use it! Science shows that babies prefer the voice of their mother; they don’t care if her voice is out of tune or if she forgets the words.

Incorporate music with every activity. Clean-up songs can be used many times a day. In Sing n’ Sprout classes, we sing a “Thank You” song as we clean up the instruments. This song is sung to the tune of “Did You Ever See A Lassie.”

“Thank you for the food, the food, the food, Lord, thank you for the food we ate up today.
We chomped and we chewed, we chomped and we chewed.
Lord, thank you for the food we ate up today!”

Make music with objects.
The easiest items to make music with are found in your kitchen: pots, pans, spoons, coffee beans and rice become instruments in no time at all. Listen intently to the different sounds you hear when hitting a spoon to the various sides of a pot. Create a shaker by pouring rice or coffee beans in a plastic storage container.

Explore the world of music. Put your little one in control of the radio. Set up a dance floor and allow your body to move to the variety of music you hear coming through the speakers. Spanish, classical, jazz and country music provide a variety of rhythms and patterns which combine to create strong neuro-pathways in the brain, creating strong math skills.

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