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The call toBe you, Bravelyis concurrently empowering and intimidating. We get that. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start or identify exactly what is calling our hearts toward doing something brave. If you’re not sure what brave thing to do this year maybe it’s about slowing down to listen to your heart, or maybe it’s about trying out a few things, because sometimes it takes getting involved before we know we’re passionate. For those of you in the second category, we’ll be highlighting organizations doing impactful things in the world with opportunities to dip your toe in, getting involved right from your home. (For those of you in the first category, we hope you’ll follow us along inThe Brave Collectiveand that the journeys of other women will inspire and orient you in your own calling.)

This month, we’re highlighting. It is an organization creating sustainable change in Uganda. They have a unique approach to impacting lives, and they have some amazing ways folks are able to get involved here in the U.S., through the making of shoes to prevent disease. I had the chance to chat with Holly Jones, U.S. Office Director of , and learn more about their brave work.

Here’s to brave!

How does work?

Holly: ’s core purpose is to effectively put in place preventive methods to combat diseases that enter through the feet andto create a positive physical and spiritual difference in the lives of individuals in impoverished communities. We do this by working one on one with the Ugandan people to host jigger removal clinics in nearby villages, provide education classes to children and job sustainability to make the shoes we provide to the children.

We love to tell the stories of people (especially moms!) making a difference, and is changing lives. The exciting thing is – we don’t have to start a non-profit or move to Africa to change lives.Gatheryour friends and put together shoes or hold a drive. It is a fun time together, and it changes the life of a child forever.

What ways do you want your children seeing you change the world?