Summer Activities for Families

Provided by: Colorado Christian University

Summer is approaching soon, an excellent time for your family to start planning different activities for your kids. Activities will help keep your kids busy on the summer days.

We’ve gathered 10 fun summer activities for families to do together:

  1. Spray Paint Art
    Go to your local Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or local craft store to buy your desired spray paint. You will also need to pick up a canvas, cardboard, or another medium for your painting surface. You can use Pinterest posts for inspiration or let their imaginations run free!
  2. Build a Garden
    Summer is the perfect time to build a garden in your backyard. You can find garden plans on Pinterest. Let your kids pick which types of vegetables or flowers to plant in the garden. Depending on the plant’s needs and your local weather, you can also develop a daily or weekly watering schedule to use with your kids. Once the plants are ready, you might even find that your kids want to expand their vegetable palette!
  3. Bake a New Recipe
    Ask your kids what their favorite food is, and try to make a copycat! Your dish can be from a restaurant, or you can find a dessert they like. Go to the store to buy the ingredients and let your kids get involved in the cooking or baking.
  4. Nature Walk
    Get outside and see the beautiful creation around you. Nature walks allow your kids to learn about the different plants, history, and landscapes around them. You can create a journal to draw what they see and give educational information about what will be on the nature walk.
  5. Camp in Your Backyard
    If you can’t go to a campground, pull out your camping gear at home and make a campsite in your backyard. You can build a campsite with a fire pit, and cook hotdogs or play games. At night, you can use a telescope and search for shooting stars. You can even use a fire pit for campfire-style desserts!
  6. Sidewalk Chalk
    Drawing with chalk allows your kids to dive into their imagination. You can create a hopscotch course, write uplifting messages for neighbors and joggers, or draw unique works of art. Feel free to jump in with them for quality time!
  7. Write a Play
    Consider writing a play. You and your kids can develop a story with fun characters and far-off places! For littles, you can find a play online and allow your kids to act it out. Your kids can develop a series of short skits and act those out, too! Feel free to invite family and close friends over to watch their play come to life!
  8. S’mores Night
    S’mores night is a classic evening in the summer. Grab your graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows. You can use the stove, a backyard fire, microwave, or even the grill! Try different varieties too, like cookies instead of graham crackers.
  9. Painting Class with Bob Ross
    Pull up a streaming service or YouTube, and Bob Ross can walk you through scenery paintings. Find a simple painting in his episodes and have your family follow along. Make sure to buy paint, paintbrushes, canvas, paper towels, and have a water cup ready!
  10.  Slip n’ Slide
    Slip n’ Slides are the epitome of summer! You can either buy a slip n’ slide or make your own with a smooth tarp. Set it up in your backyard or anywhere that has a soft angle. Enjoy a backyard BBQ while your kids stay cool with this activity. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

You can also enjoy swimming, hide and seek, marble painting, and more! The possibilities are endless. As parents continue to work from home or stay at home, you might need activities for your kids to thrive—plan to do a listed activity once a week. Activities allow your kids to use their creative side and enable you to be together as a family.