Five Reasons Why We Don’t Talk About Depression

Greta Ford Spotlight

I’m in my ‘30s and a mama of three. I probably seem like a super happy person most of the time. I love to laugh, sing show tunes, read novels, go on beach vacations and drink coffee (or wine) with close friends. I love writing, …

How Having Social Anxiety Has Shaped Me as a Mom

Lindsay Kay honestly

Social Anxiety. That’s what the therapist called it as I sat across from her on the mahogany leather couch. Her office was devised to look like a living room to make me feel at home, but all I could think was, “I wouldn’t be here if I was normal.” The list of my oddities lay like the stacks of magazines recklessly piled for bored fingers to flip through at the doctor’s office: No friends, no one calls, head down, ignores people, anxiety attacks