Take the First Step

MOPS Staff
June 1, 2021

I have a beautiful neighbor who I met right as we moved into our house two years ago. She would corral her three darling kids up the street to visit our dog, and we would always talk about life, mothering, and the crazy pandemic world while our six collective kids chased the dog around the yard.

We talked about the load mothers were carrying and the fog we both felt. At one point, I told her about my work with MOPS and how much support and validation and encouragement I watched happen in the MOPS community.

It wasn’t long before she reached out to ask me more about MOPS, and it wasn’t long after that before she started taking steps to build a MOPS community at her church. When I asked her why she wanted to start a group, here’s what she shared with me:

In 2019 I had my third baby and because of that I struggled with postpartum depression. At the same time, I started homeschooling my oldest. Soon after I started homeschooling, the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

I felt so alone and stuck in the stress of it all. I ended up getting really sick in March 2019. We’re still not sure if it was COVID or something else, but it affected my mental and physical health for quite some time.

I had to lean heavily on friends who were willing to help me. My husband and I were so overwhelmed with life that it was nearly impossible to come up for air. It’s been a long journey regaining my health, but I am getting there.

As I started to come out of the fog of this past season, I determined that I would do whatever I can to help other moms/women feel less alone. Whether they are in a dark season of life or a bright one, I want them to feel like they have a community they can connect to and call family. This is why I decided to approach my church about starting a MOPS group.

I’m really looking forward to starting a MOPS group so I can offer this type of environment to other moms. I know I’m not the only one who needs this connection. If 2019/2020 taught me anything, it’s that we cannot do it alone. We need each other and I know MOPS is a place where we can make that happen.

I know my neighbor is one of countless moms, like you, who needs support now more than ever. I was so incredibly moved and inspired by her courage and assertiveness. She called her church and started the conversation. She took the first step. And because of her willingness to make that phone call, more moms are going to find a safe place to land.

If you need this kind of community in your life, this is your nudge to take the first step and call your church. Start the conversation. We will be by your side the entire way!

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