The Power of Influence

Erin Scheu

I was recently asked the question, “Who have been the three most influential people in my life?” Not an easy answer. Parents. Sisters. Coaches. Friends. Pastors. Authors. In 39 years, a girl can have a lot of answers to that question, but I had to narrow it down to three. One woman stood out to me in my mind, a woman who had seen something in me that I didn’t know was there; a woman who called me into community and into leadership. Her name was Cindy and she started a MOPS group at our church about five years ago. I watched her youngest son for her as I started raising my family of one, and then a couple years later, two of my own kids. I had quit my teaching job to stay home and was thankful for this “stay-at-home” job. She asked me to be a Discussion Group Leader at this new mom’s group at church. Me? Leading women? Me? Leading a discussion? Me? Speaking in a group? To this introvert, it wasn’t my first choice or comfort zone.  I could teach kids, but women? That was scary, but I said “yes” for some reason. Mostly out of my respect and love for Cindy.

Fast forward five years later and you would not believe the change this MOPS group has made in my life. Beside friendship, encouragement, life sharing and so much laughter, this group has challenged me to be a Leader – to go where I never thought I would go. And as I hear God’s voice calling me into this role of leading women, my doubts and fears and anxiety rise up all the time. But I am reminded to be brave, to give myself grace, to do things the way God made me to do them and to love.  I am in my second year as the MOPS Coordinator at my church, and will go into a third year. This is a place I never would have imagined myself. I am growing as a Leader, a woman, a mom, a Christ-follower, a friend.  I owe much of that to Cindy, who saw in me something that I didn’t believe about myself.


Erin Scheu lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband and three kids. Her newest adventure is becoming a Wellness Revelation Fitness Instructor and following God’s lead in what he will do with this. She gives credit to her MOPS Leadership experience for even considering this new, fun and also scary adventure. Erin loves Jesus, her family, her church community, all her MOPS ladies, running, the outdoors, basketball,and coffee. You can find her on Instagram @escheu22.