The Simplest Way To Say Goodbye

Kelli Shelton


The simplest way to say goodbye is to say thank you! 

Thank you MOPS for feeding me breakfast all these years, because as a mom, it’s just no guarantee; and mostly for being a place I can eat brownies for breakfast without my kids watching (I would never let them do that).

Thank you MOPS for providing childcare. I have full conversations twice a month and it makes me feel sane. It’s hard enough keeping a real train of thought uninterrupted, let alone with my kiddos saying my name every four seconds.

Thank you MOPS for being a place I belong. I’ve searched for that as far back as I can remember in elementary school, middle school, high school, college, and as a teacher and a wife. This mom thing is no easy task! Finding a place where other babies cry, other moms look tired, and other moms who share (with tears in their eyes) how hard this whole thing is … made me feel at HOME.

Thank you MOPS for pushing me to be better. You’ve challenged my thinking. You’ve helped grow my skills by teaching about personality types, love languages, recipes, friendships. I’ve grown as a mom, communicator, wife and Christ-follower. Thank you for giving me women to look up to who push me to be a better version of myself.

Lastly, thank you MOPS for shaping me into a leader. You gave me a place to step out with shaky legs and a safety net of grace. MOPS was a place to stretch myself just a little bit … a little more … a little bit more and then eventually led to skydiving off a cliff to try something that I thought I never could do! Thank you for teaching us that every mom is a leader and giving us an avenue to do so.

MOPS mama, if you’ve learned anything this year, I hope it’s this: All you need is a little food for your belly and a little time for yourself. Taking care of YOU is equally as important as taking care of your family. This is where you belong, and it is here, we will help remind you who you are and who you belong to! Most importantly, dear Sister, remember you were created to live life To the FULL!

Kelli Shelton is the co-founder of Seek Well and will forever be a MOPS mama.