Treasured In Her Heart

Bethany Vance

How blessed am I among women to hold the glorious divine in my arms?  

I wonder, was Eve so gripped with this same awe and unfathomable love as she looked upon the face of our Creator? As they walked together in the garden? Before she knew the ache of separation and loss? Oh if she could see us now, the healing of her trespasses revealed! The Son of God, born to erase all wrongs.  

How can I be worthy of this holy motherhood? How can any of us be worthy of this redemption?  

Still, the weight of all the love that ever was and ever will be is nestled up against my chest. Both supreme deity and sweet, gentle child cradled in my arms. Why did our Maker choose to come to us in such a way? I do not know. His little face so serene, the eyes quivering under sleeping lids have seen so much more than I will ever behold. His dreams hold knowledge that I would never wonder to imagine. Look! How his brow furrows with every care of his creation.  

I feel overwhelmed and unprepared for this task that has been given to me. What is it that I have been called to do? What can I do to nurture this holy child? There are so many unknowns, and I have so many fears. But I will do my work.  

The calling of every mother that has come before me and that will come after. All I can do is love. Kissing of every wound, feeding an empty belly, applauding every triumph. No small act insignificant or forgotten. Selflessly serving my God, my child.  

Comfort and joy fill my soul. Sadness and grief, too. A future filled with pain yet foreshadowing the promise: God will walk among us again. Because of this child we will be reunited in harmony with our Creator. The whole earth exhales after holding its breath in the anticipation of its King. Peace is here. Oh! Hush … hush … hush …. 

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