What’s Your Power Pose?

MOPS Content Team

Remember when Gal Gadot played Wonder Woman and we all praised her for the work she did to mentally and physically prepare for such a powerful role? And now we’re all talking about Natalie Portman and the transformation she’s undergone to play a female Thor character. Well, we think the ways you’ve transformed and prepared yourself to play the role of Mother is equally impressive. So the next time you’re tempted to think you’re “just a mom” or even just start feeling that midsummer mom slump we all hit, remember how you’ve adapted and suited yourself to everything this role of a lifetime has required. Then give yourself as much applause as you would those beautiful, overpaid movie stars.  

You’ve probably heard of the somewhat anecdotal research on “power posing” — the idea that standing for an extended period of time in any position that makes you feel powerful will help adjust your self-image and boost your confidence for the day. Since we know that no one in your family will wait around while you do your Superwoman stance in your kitchen with hands on your hips, legs hip width apart and eyes focused on the horizon for 10 minutes, here are a few reminders to help you mentally lift that gaze and get that summer breeze flowing through your hair anyway.  

Strength comes in all shapes and sizes. Enduring toddler tedium in summer temperatures takes strength. Coping with an illness takes strength. Nursing a newborn takes strength, and so does throwing on a power suit to take on a disgruntled board at work. Identify where your day’s demands are greatest, and find the power pose for that job. It may be only for a season, but it’s the one you’re in, so go ahead and dress for it.  

You’re right where you need to be. Don’t waste precious energy wishing yourself out of where you are called to in this moment of time. Try and look at the interruptions and frustrations of your day as opportunities and places to demonstrate your patience and resilience — both beautiful forms of strength.  

Find the snapshot of the day. Find the moment you would frame in your day today that signals the strength and dignity of this season of your motherhood. We’ll add it to the photo albums full of all your other power poses. Because you, Mama, play every type of hero. 

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