Moms Who Change the World, Part Four

Stephanie Gates honestly


WhenCarrieBurnett was a little girl, she wanted to change the world.

And she is. But not in the way she once imagined.

“It’s hard for me to feel like the ordinary things are important,”Carriesays. “I’ve always wanted to do big things, but recently I’ve been learning that my family is themostimportant thing.”

As a young adult,Carrieenvisioned her life. She finished college with a degree in intercultural studies, and spent her first year ofmarriage to Jeffin Rio de Janero, Brazil.Their firstyear in Brazil was deeply meaningful, but terribly isolating. She experienced firsthand the value of community, and the personal toll of living outside of one. When a series of logistical decisions ledthe coupleback to her hometown in Alabama, she was at peace with the turn of events.

ButCarrieand Jeff remained passionate about serving others, and living out their faith within a community.Before long,Carriebecame pregnant.

That’s whenCarrie’s chance to change the world expanded.

Nine years later,Carrieand Jeff have three little girls, ages 8, 6, and 2.Carriehas joined small groups, led a MOPS group, and served her community in countless ways over the years. But her most important work sits around her table every night.

Carriewanted to change the world.Throughintentional, thoughtful, loving parenting–she is.

So are you.

As the mother of small children, it is easy to lose sight of a higher purpose. But every juice cup poured, every diaper changed, every book read is an act of love. Day by day, you are building a worldview for your children, a launching pad for the rest of their lives.You are shaping the way they see the world, how they will approach others, how they will relate to God.And as intimidating as that sounds, it happens naturally, simply by loving your little ones.

The patience you show with yourchildrennow will one day be the patience they share with others. The kindness you plant in their tiny lives will grow into self-respect and respect for others. The love you naturally share with them will, in turn, be the love they have to give in the future.

In a thousandsmallways, every single day, you are changing the world.