Why Buy More When You Can Live More?

Brightpeak Financial



Sometimes life can seem like a series of unconscious decisions and constant distractions. One minute we are going full speed in one direction … only to go a completely different direction the next. The noise of life—especially as moms—can distract us from what’s important.

I imagine most of us would love the opportunity to live a simpler, more intentional life. An opportunity to live more and be more.

Well, we’re not alone.

A majority of young families—like yours—are now choosing to live with less. They are rearranging priorities, getting rid of the status quo and identifying what really matters to them.

Our partner, brightpeak financial, has created the Simple Living Challenge with just that idea in mind. It’s a free 14-day challenge that can help you cut down on life’s clutter so you can find more balance, freedom and joy.

Each day of the Challenge, you’ll receive tips and activities delivered right to your inbox. These tips will help you identify priorities and set intentions, give you fun challenges to de-clutter your home and life, and provide creative ways to spend less than you earn.

In addition to these practical tips, the 14-day Challenge will help you enjoy the benefits of simple living: spiritually, physically and emotionally. It’s a good reminder that our lives are not defined by what we possess (Luke 12:15).

Let’s face it: As moms, our world is full of all sorts of distractions and noise—things we don’t need in our lives. By learning how to cut through that clutter, we open the door for increased joy and contentment.