Why is Your Mom Important?

Ashley Haugen

No task is menial when you’re a mom. From bandaging scraped knees to teaching right from wrong, every task is important. That’s why along with spring flowers, the month of May brings along one of my favorite things – the celebration of Mother’s Day.

I remember early mornings when I was younger, tip-toeing into my little sister’s room to wake her up and help me on the pancake assembly line dad had already started in the kitchen. Quietly, we would warm the maple syrup, peel the oranges and assemble a tray. As dad carried the food, my sister and I would burst through mom’s bedroom door, use the bed (or on accident, her diaphragm) as a trampoline and shout “Happy Mother’s Day!” Our crayon-drawn cards and warm flapjacks were presented with pride (and sticky fingers). She loved it.

Mother’s Day allows us (both young and old) to take a moment to appreciate all the work a mother truly does for her family. That’s why this month, brightpeak financial created the Importance of Mom Photo Contest to celebrate all the important things mom does. One lucky winner will be chosen to win a $200 Target gift card!

To enter, just go to brightpeak financial. Upload a picture of your mom (or you as a mom) doing something that your family appreciates. It could be something as simple as tucking your kids in at night, or as hair-raising as getting the carpool on schedule – whatever it is, we want to show the world the big and little things moms do that make a difference. You can also enter the contest by posting a photo to your Instagram account with the hashtag #ImportanceofMom.

We hope that by sharing photos of real moms doing real mommy tasks, we can paint a picture of all the ways moms make a difference. So snap a pic, share it with us and say thanks to mom this month! (Sticky fingers optional.)