Hello Mama,

March is here and begs the old adage: In like a lion, out like a lamb or vice versa. Either way, change is upon us and new things are on their way. So in keeping with this, so goes The MOPS Blog. The MOPS Blog is getting a little facelift, if you will, to offer a platform so your voice gets shared. We’re girlfriends, right? So we need a place to talk. Think of The MOPS Blog as our ongoing conversation with mom shares, high fives, heart-to-hearts from the motherhood trenches. Beginning this month, we’ll be posting more frequent and unique Calls for Submissions (videos, quotes, short MOPS stories, etc). in order to curate all of your amazing untold stories, sage advice, encouragement, mama shares. It’s a little bit unpolished and perhaps more raw, but what do you expect from women who are changing the world with a baby cradled in one hand, coffee in the other; a bit sleep deprived, but still carpooling/telecommuting/working like a boss?! We can’t wait to hear from you! Check out the new blog, coming April 2!


Jinny + The MOPS Magazine Team

Have You Seen This?

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We Need You

We’d love to see more of your beautiful faces, so we’re curating more videos from our moms to post on our blog and other social media platforms. Just a few things before you press record:

  • Film a quick video on your phone or laptop, 20 seconds or less (try to find a quiet space, with little to no background noise)
  • If you’re using your phone to film, turn your phone horizontally
  • Email your video to us and include in the subject line: video submission
  • By submitting to MOPS International, you’re agreeing to the following terms.

Here’s a few video prompts:

  • Inspire me today
  • What if?
  • I can’t believe I just cleaned that up
  • Sing, share a (clean) joke, pass along a word of wisdom


“My 17-year-old self loves to show up at times like this – when I haven’t showered and I’m in the oldest pants I own, in the middle of doing the most domestic of tasks. I smiled though, because she’s a friend – even if she gets saucy sometimes.” Read more.

“There’s a foreign object in my son’s head. And I’m not ready to be thankful for it yet.” Read more.

That’s it for this week.

With love,

The MOPS Magazine Team