Your Best is Getting Better 

Bria Hyink

Does the reflection in the mirror, the same mom with the same struggles, leave you feeling a bit disheartened? If so, you’re not alone.  

The relentless pressure to outdo ourselves each year can be a defeating drumbeat, manifesting as tension headaches, midnight anxiety, or that all-too-familiar Instagram scroll, where our mess is unfairly measured against another mom’s seemingly perfect feed.  

But let’s hit pause on that discouragement, shall we? Because here’s the truth – no, a ‘New You’ didn’t magically replace you in 2024. But guess what? You, right now, are already phenomenal.  

You’re the multitasking maestro, orchestrating chaos like a pro, and giving motherhood your best – chef, chauffeur, storyteller, referee, and the heart of your home. As you faithfully navigate each day, your best is getting better. Like the littles in your home, you’re growing, too.  

Pause for a moment, mama, and acknowledge the growth. Recognize the progress, those tiny triumphs nestled within the whirlwind.  

Whether it’s a toddler’s developmental milestone, acing a work presentation amidst school pickups, or stealing ten minutes for a bubble bath – celebrate it all for the glimmers that they are.  

The chaos you live in? It’s not a wrecking ball; it’s shaping you into a force of strength, wisdom, and patience. Motherhood, a stunning blend of chaos and beauty, can be downright tiring at times. But it is not meaningless. Every challenge, every moment that stretches you, is making you better.  

Maybe that’s the ‘New You’ we should be resolving to become this New Year:  

A mom who embraces the beautiful chaos. Who finds joy in everyday moments, even when they test our patience.  

A mom who shows herself kindness. Because, let’s be honest, do things ever go as planned?  

A mom who relishes in the little victories. And is proud of the love she infuses into her home, her family, and their childhood.  

A mom who leans on the Lord and her community. Because standing alone is lonely.  

A mom who grows with grace. Embracing struggles as stepping stones to becoming a better woman, wife, mom, and friend. 


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